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Map to Lone Star College – Kingwood

Parking & Directions Information:

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Lone Star College – Kingwood (formerly Kingwood College)

Note that Parking for club members is free after 6 pm, but be mindful that the forward parking spots are for campus Staff/Faculty. However, once those lots become available club members can park in those locations. Parking will not be difficult during Friday evenings since most campus employees are off before 6 pm, so almost all of the parking spots will be available.

Parking lot C is where all club members should park across Sorters McClellan Road the Yellow Arrow points towards the CLA Classroom Bldg. where we all meet for both the Novice & General Meetings.

Handicap Parking: The upper first row of parking slots opposite the sole entryway into parking lot C near the trees opposite the walkway from the location of the baseball fields is for handicap parking only!

You can also check Lone Star College website at:

NHAC meetings are held in building CLA auditorium (room 114) noted by yellow arrow

1. FTC — Fitness Center

2. CLB — Classroom Building B

3. SFA — Student Center/Fine Arts

4. CLA — Classroom Building A

5. LIB — Library

6. ADM — Administration Building

7. HSB — Health Science Building

8. COT — Temporary Buildings

9. Tennis Court

10. Baseball Field

11. New Music Instructional Building (Under Construction)

12. New Student-Conference Center (Under Construction)

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