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NHAC Email List Subscription

Thank You.

To Subscribe:

  1. To subscribe, send an email to aaron@clevenson.org
  2. Please include your name and email.
  3. Once it has been verified that you are an official member of NHAC you will then be added to the Astrolist List Server.
  4. You will then start to receive any emails posted by any member of the NHAC club via the Astrolist.
  5. All HNAC emails in the list will be posted with the following address: nhac@astrolist.org
  6. Send all emails to this address for your posting to be read by everyone in the club via NHAC Astrolist. Be aware that the Astrolist to used by the other Astronomy clubs in the Greater Houston-Kingwood-Fort Bend-Galveston Area and that any emails read on the Astrolist can be accessed by the members of the other astronomy clubs if they have access to our NHAC Astrolist.

To Send an email:

  1. You must send the email from your subscribed email address.
  2. Be courteous and make sure to address yourself in your email posting by your first and last name, so that everyone will know who is sending the email.
  3. To make a posting, send an email to: nhac@astrolist.org
  4. You can then send your message.

To Change your email address:

  1. Unsubscribe the old address (send from the old address). If you no longer have access to the old address, send a message to the list administrator, or just allow the list server to delete non-functional addresses.
  2. Subscribe using the new address.