NHAC ‘2018 Early Autumn’ Gathering!

justin mccollumPublished September 27, 2018 by justin mccollum

Greetings to all of our club members, visitors, and guests!

We welcome you to the regular meetings of the North Houston Astronomy Club on the 4th Friday of every month.

Currently, our club has its monthly meetings at the Montgomery campus of the Lone Star College system for 2018.

Lone Star – Montgomery Campus is north of the Woodlands, TX on the West Side of I45 and East of the WG Jones State Forest near SH 242.

Click below here for a Map of the Campus and Driving Directions!
(Parking permits are not required after 6 PM!)

Lone Star – Montgomery Campus

Physical Address

3200 College Park Dr.

Conroe, TX 77384

Our gathering begins with the Novice Meeting:

Place: Lone Star College – Montgomery Campus

Location: Classroom Bldg. B (2nd Floor – Room B203)

Time: (6:30 – 7:15) PM

Speaker: Robert Brayton
(Certified Professional Photographer/NW Chapter NHAC Club)


Telescope Design

A Cutaway view of a Celestron 14" Edge HD SC Telescope.

This a general cutaway view of the Celestron 14″ Edge HD Schmidt – Cassegrain Telescope.


Mr. Robert Brayton will present a 14″ Celestron HD Schmidt – Cassegrain telescope at the novice meet. The objectives for this novice gathering will be to demonstrate how to disassemble and reassemble this modern redesign of the classic Celestron 14″ SCT. How will be shown the identity of each functional component, how each component works, each component vital part in the functionality of the telescope, and the decisions that were made by Celestron in the development and construction of the 14″ Celestron HD SCT.

Learn more from the following References

EdgeHD 14 Celestron OTA

How does a Schmidt-Cassegrain Work?

The Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

The Concept of a Cassegrain Reflector

Optics of an SCT

Starizona Tutorials on Telescope Designs

Place: Lone Star College – Montgomery Campus

Location: Classroom Bldg. B (1st Floor Auditorium – Room B102)

Time: (7:30 – 10:00) PM

Speaker: Dr. Aaron Clevenson, Ph. D.
(Past NHAC President, Director of the Humble ISD Insperity Observatory)


Your First Observing Instrument

A Typical Dobsonian Reflector with a Basic Tracking System.

A Typical Newtonian Reflector on a Dobsonian Mount with a Tracking System.


Dr. Aaron Clevenson will graciously devote his time to talk about your first observing instrument. The concept of this talk will be based on how one can use a very basic optical instrument to start out in the field of Astronomy. These very basic optical instruments from the human eye to a single pair of binoculars up to using a telescope can be applied when doing some first-time fundamental observing of the beautiful night skies. A lot of Astronomy can be done with just the naked eye from observing the effects of light pollution to observing the Andromeda Galaxy in extremely dark skies. More Astronomy is possible when one expands from using the naked eye to using a pair of binoculars and eventually a very basic telescope.

Learn more from the following References

Tutorial on Naked Eye Astronomy

Observing with the Naked Eye

Explore the Universe on a Shoestring

The Optics of a Human Eye

Light Sensitivity of the Human Eye

The Details of Sensitivity of the Human Eye

Expanding beyond the Human Eye

Basics of Binocular Astronomy

Basics of a Telescope

Starizona Tutorials on Telescope Basics

Civic Adventure Day 2018

Join Aaron Clevenson at the Precinct 4 Parks Adventure Day, this Saturday (29 September 2018) from 10 am to 2 pm. NHAC and the Insperity Observatory will be represented.

Contact Aaron Clevenson on the NHAC Astrolist for further information.

2018 Autumnal Atascocita Star Party is Coming Up!

Atasocicta Star Party and Picnic kicks off third annual event on April 29. Photo: Courtesy Photo

Fellow club members it is time for another star party at Atascocita. The 5th Semi-Annual Atascocita Star Party will take place on 13 October 2018 from (6 – 9:30) pm hosted by the North Houston Astronomy Club. It would be great if we could get as many NHAC members to participate as possible. The more the merrier to accommodate and fascinate the public interest in Astronomy. For more information on the star party, you can visit the event on the calendar webpage by click on this link: Atascocita for find it on Facebook!

Read up on it more at the NHAC web page.

Atascocita Star Parties

Visit the Atascocita Star Party webpage on Facebook (You do not need to sign up for info!)

Atascocita Starparty on Facebook