NHAC ‘Mid Spring 2019’ Gathering!

justin mccollumPublished April 23, 2019 by justin mccollum

Greetings to all of our club members, visitors, and guests!

We welcome you to the regular meetings of the North Houston Astronomy Club on the 4th Friday of every month.

The Kingwood campus is located on the west side of I 69 (US Highway 59), north side of Kingwood Drive, and NW of the Kingwood Medical Center.

Click below here to see the Map and Driving Directions!
(Parking permits are not required after 6 PM!)

Lone Star-Kingwood Campus

See the following Campus Map

kingwood map

All Members, Guests, and Visitors park at the Parking Lot C across the Sortes-McClellan Road. The CLA building we both the novice and general meetings gather is building 4 as shown on this map. Click on the image above to get a pdf file with more information about the campus layout.

Physical Address

20000 Kingwood Dr.

Kingwood, TX 77339

26 April 2019

Our gathering begins with the Novice Meeting:

Place: Lone Star College-Kingwood Campus

Location: Classroom Building A (CLA) – (2nd Floor – Room CLA221)
The Astronomy Classroom

Time: (6:30 – 7:15) PM

Speaker: Dr. Bruce Pollard, Ph. D.
(NHAC Vice President)


Looking Up in May!

Image result for constellations in may

Observe this planisphere view of the constellations both of Summer and Spring skies visible for the month of May. The summer constellations are on the left rising from the East and the Spring constellations are in the middle and moving westward to the right.

Dr. Pollard will once again do another of his fabulous presentations about the night sky! This time it will be about what is available to observe in the night skies during the month of May. It is a time when we are moving deeper into the celestial skies of spring and progressing towards the summer skies. During this month you will be able to observe far away from the Milky Way galaxy and its glorious band of star clusters and nebulae towards the realm of the galaxies. Out here we learn about those various types of galaxies that stretch across the skies from Leo to Corona Borealis and from the Ursa Minor to Hydra. There are some interesting non-galactic bodies along the journey from Spring to Summer: The Ghost of Jupiter (NGC 3242) in Hydra and Messier 3 in Canes Venatici.  Come join us for a wonderful introduction to what is available to see during the month of May!

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The gathering concludes with the General Meeting:

Place: Lone Star College-Kingwood Campus

Location: Classroom Building A (CLA) – (1st Floor – Room CLA112)
The Teaching Teacher Auditorium

Time: (7:30 – 10:00) PM

Speaker: Professor Bill Leech
(Physics & Astronomy Instructor)


The Sun, Our Star

Image result for the sun our star

Our Sun as it appears in its glorious appearance of bright rays, flares, prominences, and endless activities that take place on this hot ball of plasma that gives life to our planet!

The Sun is a firey – ball of hot plasma that surrounds a thermonuclear, fusion reactor. Professor Bill Leech of the Lone Star College-Kingwood Campus is an instructor in Physics & Astronomy at the campus and will perform his talk as two-part series about the Sun! You learn more about this star the gravitational anchor and center of our solar system for which our planet receives its glow of electromagnetic radiation (light) that provides one of the essential ingredients to life. Bill will go through the history of our understanding of the Sun and will take you on a scientific journey from its center to the solar wind and out to the boundaries of the Heliosphere. Came and enjoy a night of learning and exploration about our closest Star!

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