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What’s Up Doc?

Aaron Clevenson’s “What’s Up, Doc?” *

The “What’s Up, Doc?” is a monthly publication of
what objects are in the evening sky, organized by Astronomical League Club.


March 2017 Report!

“What’s Up Tonight, Doc?” is a spreadsheet of over 2000 deep sky objects for easy selection of what to look at tonight.What’s Up Tonight, Doc?”

The user enters their latitude, longitude, and the Universal Time of their observing and the spreadsheet will provide various listings of objects in the sky at that time, ordered by descending altitude. It currently has 2187 objects, covering all 28 of the Astronomical League Clubs.

To get the “What’s Up Tonight, Doc?” Excel spreadsheet, click on the icon at the right, provide your email address, then download the spreadsheet.

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Version 5.0


*  “What’s Up, Doc?” is used with permission from Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc.