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NEXT MEETING: November 18
Main program: Astronomy Show and Tell      
Join us at 6:30 pm!
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      Meeting ID: 883 8217 7157       Passcode: 597833

About NHAC

Welcome to the North Houston Astronomy Club

First step in being a member is to learn about our membership, policies, and accessbilities.



Learn about what were are as a club, what we do, and how we promote Astronomy as a means of science education for the general public. Learn how to join our club and understand it’s benefits.

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Email Member List:

For private communications between NHAC members outside of the Google Group (Please be respectful and polite when communicating with fellow NHACers).

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Club Bylaws:

Policies about our club, enacting new rules, voting by quorum, officers duties and responsibilities, membership renewal, etc. all presented in a pdf document linked to the Bylaws webpage.

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Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is the first priority of our club in the protection of your information. Let me be known that we never ever release any information to any outside group without your permission. We care deeply about protecting your privacy. Joining the club you automatically become a member of The Astronomical League and will receive the quarterly issue of the league official magazine The Reflector.  Policies about the use of the NHAC Google Groups email group along with our privacy group can be found here:

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