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NHAC Bylaws

It has been five years since the bylaws have been updated.  Although there were no problems with the bylaws, they did not adequately reflect today’s electronic world.  There was also a minor disconnect between the jobs that need to be done and the organization of officers.

The bylaws committee is happy to report that they have completed an update of the bylaws and the NHAC board has approved them.

The timeline regarding the passage of the bylaws is as follows:

  • We will have a brief discussion regarding the bylaws at the March general meeting.
  • We will be voting on them at the April general meeting.
  • The changes will be phased in over the remainder of this year.  If not complete by year-end, they will become fully effective with the next officer election in December.

What has been changed:

  • The role of Webmaster is being transformed to Communications Committee Chair.
  • The Communications Committee will include these activities:
    • Publishing the newsletter
    • Managing the website
    • Posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
    • Creating NHAC calendars
  • Membership will be moved under the Treasurer.

The proposed bylaws can be viewed here, and an organizational map for NHAC activities can be viewed here.


The current bylaws can be viewed here. Please refer to these, unless otherwise notified, until the December 2021 officer election for the 2022 NHAC board members.