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NEXT MEETING (hybrid): May 27
Main program speaker: Professor Lisa Koerner      
Topic: A Tour of Neutrino Physics

Join us at 6:30 pm for our FYI session and at 7:30 pm for our main presentation!
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      Meeting ID: 839 4806 7703       Passcode: 678457

Map to Lone Star College – Kingwood

Parking & Directions Information:

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Lone Star College – Kingwood (formerly Kingwood College)

Note that Parking for club members is free after 6 pm, but be mindful that the forward parking spots are for campus Staff/Faculty. However, once those lots become available club members can park in those locations. Parking will not be difficult during Friday evenings since most campus employees are off before 6 pm, so almost all of the parking spots will be available.

Parking lot C is where all club members should park across Sorters McClellan Road the Yellow Arrow points towards the CLA Classroom Bldg. where we all meet for both the Novice & General Meetings.

Handicap Parking: The upper first row of parking slots opposite the sole entryway into parking lot C near the trees opposite the walkway from the location of the baseball fields is for handicap parking only!

You can also check Lone Star College website here

NHAC meetings are held in building CLA auditorium (room 114) noted by yellow arrow

1. FTC — Fitness Center

2. CLB — Classroom Building B

3. SFA — Student Center/Fine Arts

4. CLA — Classroom Building A

5. LIB — Library

6. ADM — Administration Building

7. HSB — Health Science Building

8. COT — Temporary Buildings

9. Tennis Court

10. Baseball Field

11. New Music Instructional Building (Under Construction)

12. New Student-Conference Center (Under Construction)

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