March 2021 Star Party and Messier Marathon

At the O’Brien Dark Site.
Weather permitting – updates will be sent out via the NHAC mailing list when weather conditions are uncertain. Rain date for this event is April 10.

Messier Marathon

There is a time period from mid – March through early April in which all of 110 objects of Charles Messier’s catalog of Deep Sky Objects can be observed from the beginning of nautical twilight after sunset to the end of nautical twilight of the following day before sunrise. The purpose is to observe as many of the objects in the catalog as possible, but getting all of them is not a necessity and rarely happens. However, it is still a very fun event of testing one’s endurance for all-night observing!

Insperity Observatory will be hosting a night to come out and participate in the marathon. It will be on March 13 with April 10 as the rain date. Masks are required for everyone at all times while on site. We will start shortly after sunset and continue as long as the weather holds.

Please park in front of Jack Fields Elementary.

Address is: 2505 S. Houston Avenue, Humble, TX



Mar 13 2021


7:00 pm - 12:00 am