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Main program speaker: Professor Lisa Koerner      
Topic: A Tour of Neutrino Physics

Join us at 6:30 pm for our FYI session and at 7:30 pm for our main presentation!
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Share Your Knowledge!

Jamie Published on January 12, 2022
Many of the faithful attendees of the novice sessions are experienced astronomers. Thank you for your support. However, everyone is a novice at something. Thus, in the novice sessions starting in 2022, we will shorten the “total newbie” discussion and add interesting advanced topics to help broaden everyone’s knowledge. We need other astronomers to volunteer to teach, or help co-teach, topics in their fields of relative expertise. Future topics beyond the list below may include (but are in no way limited to) spectroscopy, astrometry, radio telescopes for amateurs, how to build or assemble your own Dobsonian, citizen science, DIY, 3d printing, making models, Astronomical League and other resources, how to host a star party, the BAT (Big Amateur Telescope) project, etc.

To volunteer, or to suggest your own topics, contact Robert Brayton.


Here is the revised list for 2022 so far: (please feel free to volunteer to help with any of these topics, too)
  • January: Software (software for amateur astronomers) – Robert B
  • February: Dew (dew control for the humid south east Texas) – Robert B
  • March: Messier Marathon – Aaron C
  • April: GoTo mounts (how to setup and use) – Robert B
  • May: Raspberry Pi (a cheap, portable, yet very useful computer) – Robert B
  • June: Satellites/ISS (how to find and photograph) – Robert B
  • July: Accessing and using NASA data (explore NASA images and databases, make new discoveries) – Robert B